Safe Masti is a multimedia program about ‘Safe Sex, HIV and Regular Testing.’ We want men who have sex with men to do it safely; Be Prepared, Be Safe and Get Tested! Our platform is sans judgement, it’s not the, ‘Who’ but the ‘How’ that we focus on.

We aim to ignite conversations around HIV and spread awareness among people in order for them to get tested. We understand that being social, and having fun is important. Safe Masti wants to show how being safe is sexy too. The videos articles and information here help you, your friends and family have useful conversations about safety and awareness around HIV and testing.

The fact is, HIV is a social disease – it affects your friends and family even if it just infects you. We want you to be sex positive. We want you to get tested. We want you to be a ‘regular’ at testing.

Safe Masti is administered by the Blue Lotus Advisory, a network of associates focused on social development.

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How soon can HIV be detected by a blood test?

It takes at least 4-6 weeks from the date of exposure for the antibodies to show up in the bloodstream.  …

Do I have to tell my employer about my HIV status?

Anyone infected, or thought to be infected, must be protected from discrimination by employers, co-workers, unions or clients. Employees should …

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Kuchh sawaal, khudse.

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HIV testing ka mera personal experience

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