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Dr. Sunil Suhas Solomon is an Associate Professor of Medicine at John Hopkins University and is the chairman of YRG Care. He has been working in the field of HIV since 15 years and is now here to answer all your questions about safe sex and HIV. Introducing Dr. Sunil Suhas Solomon in the first episode of our series, Hello Doctor!


Dr. Sunil studies epidemiology and clinical management of HIV and co-infections with hepatitis viruses and tuberculosis. Dr. Solomon received a masters in public health and PhD from Johns Hopkins University before joining the faculty. He is the recipient of several international awards, specifically a Fogarty Research Fellowship from Brown University and Johns Hopkins University. His work has also been recognized with a prestigious Charlotte Silverman Fund Award and an election to the Delta Omega Honorary Public Health Society and the Phi Beta Kappa Honors Society of Johns Hopkins University.  



Safe Masti Team

Safe Masti is a multimedia program about ‘Safe Sex, HIV and Regular Testing.’

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