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Bhai, lagg rakhi hai!

23rd March 2017

Remember the pangs of anxiety before my Physics exam, 5 years ago? Today I feel the same nervousness. I was ashamed of my failure then but tomorrow I want to fail.

Kal main apna HIV test dene jaa raha hoon.

If I were HIV positive, I wouldn’t know what to do, where to go, whom to tell. Apne boyfriend ko bhi maine nahi bataaya hai. I don’t know how he’d react.


26th March, 2017

Aaj tha mera ‘Sachh ka Saamna.’ I went for my HIV test! Can’t say anything for sure until I have the report…

In fact ek aur baar jaana hai because HIV tests are done twice, just to confirm the result. Also, Doctor saab badey hot hain, so that helps!

I have been reading about HIV a lot now. I guess pehle I didn’t know much, isiliye darr zyaada lagta hai. But doctor ne samjhaaya ki zindagi khattam nahi ho jaati if you are tested positive. There are ways to live a great life even with HIV. The key, however, is early diagnosis. Isiliye test regularly karaana chahiye.

30th March 2017

I am HIV negative! Thank God, jaan mei jaan agayi result dekhkar. Although Sachh ka Saamna Part 2 abhi baaki hai because they want to be 100% sure, par iss baar mujhe zyaada tension nahi hai.

Phew. But now, I want to avoid the drama and just wear a condom. Raghav nei toh insist bhi kiya thha but I was being stubborn. Mujhe hi chahiye thee ‘skin-to-skin feel’.

This is just too much adventure in life- ab humse na ho paayega.

So here’s my checklist:

Always use a condom:  I don’t care how horny we are in the heat of the moment, bhaiyya apni suraksha, apne haath.

Talk!: Mujhe hi pataa hai how I felt while I went to get tested. Mostly because koi HIV ki baat hi nahi karta, so it felt like such a big deal. If I talk about it openly, maybe kissi din I could end up helping someone!

Get tested regularly: Kissi ka kuchh bharrossa nahi hai and you know I like being in control 😉 Click here to get tested.


Safe Masti Team

Safe Masti is a multimedia program about 'Safe Sex, HIV and Regular Testing'.

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