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I am sexually confused. Am i gay?

‘Gay’ refers to someone who is attracted to members of the same sex. Yaani a man loving and sexually attracted to a man or a woman to a woman.

Aapke hi jaise kayyi aur log hain who are on the journey of self-discovery. Woh samajhne ki koshish kar rahe hain if it’s okay to like someone of the same gender in a sexual manner. People can have a sexual orientation jo commonly found heterosexuality se thhodi different hai. Hamari sexuality society define nahi karti. It’s something natural. But when it’s different from majority, people feel sexually confused. They ask themselves if it is normal to be gay.

It’s best to ask these questions from someone experienced, jo ek open and non judgemental environment mein aapki baat suney. Chat with our counsellor here.

Why am i gay? I don’t know how to come out of homosexuality.

Agar aapko laggta hai that you have very strong feelings for your own sex, toh you might be gay. But it’s not a reason to indulge in self-loathing or guilt. Issmei kuchh galat ya ‘sinful’ nahi hai. In fact, there is no cause behind the sexual attraction, it’s just the way you are.

Homosexuality koi beemaari ya phase nahi hai that you can fall in or come out of. Haan, yeh zaroor hai that it’s uncommon and that’s why homosexuals form a minority. Sure there is a lot of taboo around the issue and yeh bahut hi charcha ka vishay hai. People claim that they, ‘don’t know how to deal with homosexuality.’  The best way to approach the topic therefore is by talking to a professional counsellor, jahaan aap apni sexuality ko lekar khulkar baat karr sakte hain. So get started here.

Why am I attracted to men? Is homosexuality normal?

You might be attracted to men emotionally and sexually kyunki that’s just the way you are. Aisa bhi ho sakta hai that you are just curious and exploring. Kayi logon ke mann mein ye sawaal uthhta hai, “why do I like men?” Kayi log poochhte hain “how do I know if I am gay?” Ya how to tell if you are gay?”- Isska koi reason nahi hai.  Determining your sexual orientation can be difficult.

Agar aapke mann mein bhi aise sawaal aate hain toh ask us! Talk about your experiences with our certified counsellors, in a non-judgemental environment.

Is gay sex wrong?

‘Gay’ refers to someone who is attracted to members of the same sex. It implies that men are emotionally and sexually attracted to other men and women to other women.
Many social customs and prejudices condemn ‘gay sex’ to be wrong. Aise mein ‘gay sex achha hai ya bura’, ‘galat hai ya sahee’ par debate hoti hai. Par issmein joi judgement ki baat nahi. Jo hai, so hai! Magar kayii log aise nahi sochte aur apna confidence khokar, depression mei aajaate hain.

It’s extremely important ki aap apne mann mein rakhe sawaalon ko kissi se share karien. So talk to us.

And always remember that it’s wonderful to be yourself. So even if you are, it’s okay to be gay!


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