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We have become a funny breed,
Glued perpetually to our Facebook feed;
Zindagi hamaari smart-phone pe kattjaani
Par HIV k baare mein, kissi ko pata nahi

Think about it, we spend so much time doing loony things on the net. And then mazze hi mazze when we are drunk, living on the edge. Party ho ya fancy occasion, we always make sure to have fun!

Kissi ko kabhi hosh aaya,
ki kya koi body mei infection laaya…
Kabhi kissi nei apna test karaaya?
Read we don’t and links we open only to close
Humpe chadhh gaya hai ignorance ka dose

We shy away from conversations about sex, condoms, HIV and AIDS, in a country where more than 2 million people are living with the infection. Aur fir testing ko ignore karte hain, bas apni hi dhun mein rehte hain.

Par shayad hum darte hain. Thoda akela mehsoos karte hain?
When no one talks about safety, how to make it sexy?
So let’s make the effort and take the lead,
Fight the ignorance through our social media feed;
Status update karo,  banaao trending kahaaani,
Start a revolution, apni zubaani




Safe Masti Team

Safe Masti is a multimedia program about 'Safe Sex, HIV and Regular Testing'.

One response to “Let’s Talk about HIV and AIDS”

  1. harsh7agl says:

    Yay! Brilliant initiative!

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