Are you anxious and afraid of being at the risk of HIV?
Answer a few simple questions aur yeh calculator baateyega ki aapko HIV hone ka kitna risk hai.
Get tested regularly to be safe and chinta-free.


Have you had sex with multiple partners?

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Do you use a condom while having sex?

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What is your position while having sex?

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Have you been drunk or high when having sex?

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In the last six months, have your partners:

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Have you been tested for HIV in the last three months?

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Are you aware of the HIV status of your partner(s)?

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Have you been tested/treated for STIs in the last three months?

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Final result

Find out if you are at risk for HIV by answering a few simple questions about your lifestyle. At times, you may face doubts about various HIV risk factors and your HIV status. But here’s one place where you can answer simple questions about your condom usage, number of sex partners and their HIV status’ to know your exposure level, anonymously. The HIV Risk calculator will indicate the degree of HIV risk you are at- low, medium or high. NOTE: The calculator does not assess:-

  1. The risk of STDs or
  2. The risk of AIDS
This HIV risk calculator only assess the risk of HIV.