Is it enough to observe safe sex measures to protect yourself from HIV and other STDs?

A sexually active lifestyle automatically exposes you to the risk of contracting STDs or becoming HIV+. Especially if you have multiple sexual partners. While you can greatly reduce the risk by adopting safe sex measures, these are Not 100% fool proof. That’s why it is Essential to Get Tested frequently for STDs and HIV, while ALWAYS practicing safe sex. Just in case you have gotten infected, early detection of STDs and HIV allows for the most effective treatment.

I am very hygienic and have sex only with equally hygienic people. Am I at risk for STDs/HIV?

Being Hygienic is Great but it will Not Prevent STDs or HIV. Even a very hygienic person could have an STD or HIV.

I have sex only once a year. Should I still practice safe sex?

It’s like asking if you should wear a seat belt every time you drive a car! Safe sex (like wearing a seat belt!) is practiced for a very simple reason. Your protection. Why invite trouble when it can be so easily avoided?! So, Yes please practice safe sex even if you have sex only once a year.

My date says he is HIV- and on PrEP. Can I do bareback with him?

PrEP protects against HIV. But not against any other STDs. Also, Anal Sex is the most high-risk of all sexual engagements. So always use condoms even if your partner is HIV- and on PrEP.