Why are men who have sex with men at higher risk for HIV/STD?

There are multiple reasons of higher risks

  • Types of sexual activities they engage in (particularly high-risk is anal sex),
  • Multiple sexual partners
  • High use of injectable and non-injectable drug use (when under the influence of these drugs, chances of taking risks while having sex become much higher)

What is the most foolproof way of preventing STDs and HIV?

Complete sexual abstinence!! Seriously! That’s the most fool proof way to prevent HIV/STDs. Next best is to self-pleasure (masturbation and use of sex toys limits exposure to others’ body fluids). If in a committed partnership, ensure Mutual Monogamy.
In case you need more than that aka multiple sexual partners, then stay safe by Always Correctly Using a Condom and Getting tested regularly for HIV/STDs.
You could also meet a doctor to get a prescribed dosage of PrEP. However, this will only protect you from HIV, and not any other STDs.

How can I know if someone has STD or HIV before agreeing to have sex with them?

You can’t.
The only sure-fire way of finding out a person’s STD or HIV status is through testing.
Sounds easy enough? Except you may not actually reviewing someone’s test reports before you have sex with them. So, what do you do? Follow these simple tips:

  • Always use condoms.
  • Ask him frankly about his sexual interests, previous partners, knowledge and interest in safe sex, as well as his STD and HIV test status.
  • Say NO if he is unaware of his STD and HIV status and still insists on having unprotected sex.
  • Say NO if he insists on unsafe sex, even though he is tested and negative.
  • Say NO if you see any sores, blisters, discharge or cuts in his private parts.
  • Encourage your partner to use condoms and get tested frequently.

Remember: STDs and HIV infections do not discriminate. Anyone can be positive, irrespective of their level of education, hygiene, sophistication, class or status.